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Shipping & Payment

We are professional supplier of watches, has many years of sales experience。

We can provide more Super quality luxury watches model, Including so many products of the factory. For example NOOB JF ARF VR VS OM PF MKS GF HBBV6 XF ZF JJ KV .....

If the product appear problem, or to stop the customs,please contact us to solve. We'll give you a good solution. And, of course, we have many years of sales experience,we have a lot of pleasant cooperation!

When trading appear question,Money will be returned to you.

1.       Regarding to the prices, please note all the prices on our website are wholesale prices. It is really low and competitive. Yes, you will find many surprises of our products.

2.       Our products are with good quality. All the pictures are taken from our real products; the watches you receive will be the same as you see on the website. Moreover, they may look better than in the picture. Many of our customers feel very glad when they receive their order, and will express how they feel and thanks by e-mail.

3.   How to do shipping ?  
(1). Write details in the comment when do order.
(2). Send me your detailed shipping address when do you order (you also write your client`s shipping address) 
(3). We will shipping by Express Mail Service(EMS) or DHL express.

According to your  demand, package track number and track website provided。
4). Send the package through China EMS contains insurance, if the package is lost at the time of transportation, according to the amount of payment compensation, does not include customs reasons.(Availability date:2020.1.1)

5). Send DHL express to Europe US and Asia country 3-6 work days arrive.

4.The package is not received?
Didn't you receive the package?
Due to the brand problem, the package may be seized by the customs, unable to arrive or stolen.
1).  We will refund 50% of the amount paid (excluding freight). (Excluding special offers.)
2).   If the customer still needs this order and needs to pay 50% of the product value, we will resend the product. (Excluding special offers.)

Safety payment:
Payment service;Bank Transfers,T/T,PayForex-Queen Bee Capital,Merchantrade,Ria Money Transfer,Ecobank

Our watches are warranty for one year,If you have any problems within one year,Please contact us to repair or replace accessories. 
Each of our watches will be re-tested and waterproof before sending,you can wear it to swim,we do not sell watches of poor quality。
if you want to find a good business, please contact us,
I hope every customer can buy satisfied.

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